Everything is Better With A Little Lagniappe

lag•niappe (n): a little something extra; a bonus (in Louisiana)

This is Louisiana, and the standard banking features are just not good enough! Talk to your local SHB banker today and learn more about the bonus extras you’ll get with Southern Heritage Bank.

Mobile Banking App
Access your money, anywhere. anytime.

SHB Mobile Banking App

Now you can enjoy the speed, accessibility and convenience you’ve been asking for with the SHB  Mobile App.  Check balances, transfer funds, track transactions.

Online Banking at Southern Heritage Bank
online Automations & Access, made easy.

Online Banking & Bill Pay

Learn more about the features offered through SHB’s Online Banking Services and how you can sign up to take advantage of all the benefits.

ScoreCard Rewards

Southern Heritage Bank’s personal or business checking accounts come with the option of a FREE MasterCard Check Card or ATM Card.

SecureLock Equip

SecurLock Equip

SecurLOCK™ Equip is an app that allows issuers to provide cardholders with the ability to control how, when and where their payment cards are used. 


The EClub portal gives you access to benefits to make your financial world more secure with Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement Coverage.


Let's make switching banks easy.

The No-Glitch Switch Kit

Southern Heritage Bank can show you how easy it is to switch banks! Everyone looks for a hassle free way of moving current personal or business accounts, now the switch is simple with the pages enclosed. With a new account from Southern Heritage Bank, you’ll have all you need to transfer direct deposits, automatic withdrawals, and social security benefits from your previous bank(s).

Follow the No Glitch Switch Kit to financial freedom!

No Glitch Switch Kit