Mobile Banking Update

New Mobile Banking Login Process with More Layers of Security Launching Monday Evening, May 19, 2014!

Existing Mobile and Text Banking customers:

You will see the following message when accessing the current app on Monday evening:

      ✓ An update to this app is required.  Go to your App store to download the latest update.  If you access Mobile Banking from your bank website, return to the home page to access and
        bookmark the new web address.

     ✓ Text message banking has been updated.  Go to Online Banking to re-enroll and request activation code.

Southern Heritage Bank is upgrading our Mobile Banking application in order to enhance our security and give you a better banking experience. We are announcing new security enhancements that will change how you login to Mobile Banking. Our upgraded security service will continue to allow you anytime/anywhere access to your financial information and will better protect your sensitive data.  

Streamlined Login Process

After the upgrade you will experience a more secure and behind the scenes process to validate your device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone), username and password.

Enhanced Security Settings

We are also adding additional layers of security in the event you login from a device that has not been used in the past. Instead of the simple challenge questions you used in the past, you will be asked to answer a series of questions to validate your identity. These enhanced security features help safeguard your information. 


Better Banking Experience

In addition to the security enhancements included in this upgrade, you will notice a new look and feel to your Mobile Banking application. You will still have access to all the same features you rely on, with a modern dashboard and menu that makes anytime, anywhere banking even more convenient.

     Upgrade available Monday, May 19, 2014

       NEW APP hits the Stores Monday Evening